Have you Twerked the Chicken today?

Game Description & Features

How fast can you twerk the chicken? Shake your phone as fast as you can in 60 seconds to twerk the chicken. Or try using your finger to smack the chicken if that’s your thing. Twerk the chicken faster to rack up the points in this fun and addictive game. Laugh out loud at the hilarious chicken cluck and squawk sounds.  Compete with friends to see who will be the top twerker.

Use casual twerk mode to twerk it at your own pace or ramp it up with timed twerk mode to test your speed.  Add awesome outfits to your chicken for even more fun.  Twerk it with swift precision as a Ninja chicken, twerk it on the high seas as a Pirate Chicken or twerk it Rasta style as a Jamaican Twerk chicken.  Email, Facebook or Tweet your top scores to friends for a good laugh.

  • Two modes – Chicken Twerk and Timed Twerk
  • Chicken Twerk: Twerk and slap as much as you want without a timer
  • Timed Twerk: Twerk and slap as fast as you can in 60 seconds
  • Slap Twerky the Chicken by swiping your finger back and forth across his face
  • Purchase cool Ninja, Pirate and Jamaican outfits for your chicken
  • Check out your top scores in the Top Twerks screen or check the online scores in Game Center
  • Easily share the hilarious results with friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email
  • Cool chicken sound effects and buttons

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